Thursday, February 12, 2009

teachers can be very stupid

Alright, so I'm walking in the hall heading down to the library, to buy dance tickets, at my school, when all of a sudden slip and fall. I slipped on my own pants, they are a little long and I stepped on them just right and boom, and went sailing sideways(to my right). So I get up and continued on my way to the library when this stupid teacher goes and tells me to say sorry. Right, now I'm all confused, so I turn around and give her this questionable look. And she goes and says I hit her when I fell and that I have to say sorry. I say a quick sorry, and get on my way. So now I'm thinking that 
1) I didn't even know that I her and 
2) she never asked if I was okay. 
Can you believe the nerve of her to expect a sorry and not even ask if I was okay. Hmph. what do you think?

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