Tuesday, November 3, 2009

home sick blues

home sick, blah, no fun :\
i'm not gunna go to band tonight either, oh well

Saturday, July 18, 2009

Giving Blood

Well, I just gave blood for the first time today, I gave the gift of life. I have to say, it really wasn't that bad, the needle was smaller than I expected, not to say it wasn't big. Anyway, now I am just waiting to find out what blood type I am, either O neg or A neg. that's all for now. And sorry for not posting in a while. Have a good one :)

Tuesday, June 30, 2009

It's been a long while, sorry

Hello again,
I am posting, as you can see, about nothing of interest. I am posting just to post. Although, I have a challenge for those who accept. The challenge is as follows: My younger brother and I want to make a youtube video, but we can't decide what to make. If you have any age appropriate ideas or suggestions, please, leave a comment with you idea. We need the help. You are a doll, I love you all. :)


P.S. Age appropriate means pretty much it can't be anything more than PG-13, and please no cuss words, thanks :)

Wednesday, February 18, 2009

No name..............

So there I was when suddenly I got the urge to post something, anything. Amazing I know. Unfortunately I don't have anything really good to post about so I'm posting about nothing of interest. I will provide pictures, one of me and one of Boon, of course mine was posed to once again protect my secret identity. As seen below. So life is good, and tomorrow I have to be at school from 9a.m to 9p.m. during my vacation. But Indoor is REALLY, REALLY fun, although it is a lot of work. I've already been there two other days this week. Monday and today and will be there on  Friday then there's a show on Saturday. Busy schedule don't you think? Good night for now....... SMILES!!!!!

Tuesday, February 17, 2009

mmmmmm......... cake!!!!!

Kay, so, I'm making two cakes, for lack of the right sized pan. They are really simple to make, not necessarily super easy. Not to say it isn't slightly easy, the last step is the hard part, errr well one of the last steps. My mom had me make these today because she wanted cake. Go figure. Well......

1: First you need cake mix, I guess any kind will do. I made muffins with white cake mix and they were awesome, back to the point any mix will do. I happen to be using devil's food cake mix. Today we, or rather I, will use two boxes.

2: Next you need to get some pumpkin pie stuff in a can. You need one 15 oz. can of pumpkin stuff for one box. Since I'm using two boxes of cake mix and I have a giant can of pumpkin stuff (29 oz.) that's what I'll be using. 

Here's a picture of the boxes of cake mix and the can of pumpkin stuff, and to prevent any advertising at all I cleverly covered the brands. I think I did a pretty darn good job, if I don't say so myself.

3: Now to mix it all together. You do not need eggs or oil or anything else, you only need the cake mix and pumpkin stuff. When mixing, I recommend using an electric mixer, or your arm will be very sore. I learned that the hard way when I was making the muffins mentioned earlier.

4: When everything is mixed you have to put it into a cake pan, I'm using two eight inch round pans because I do not have the right sized pan for one cake. The cake pan should be greased, spray kind will do fine, and you have to lightly flour them. The whole pan needs to have flour on it. Well not the whole pan, just the inside of course. LOL. A word of warning, the mix is very, very hard to work with. It will take the use of your hands to get it into the pan. I repeat: it is very hard to work with. It took me a good ten minutes to get the two cake pans filled and evened out. Oh and here's me enjoying some of the mix I couldn't get out of the bowl. I'm not really licking the bowl I'm just posing to protect my secret identity.

5: To bake just follow the directions on the box for whatever sized pan you use, and test them every once in a while to make sure they don't need to come out of the oven earlier than the box says.

6: Take them out of the oven and let them cool.

Do not mind the terrible mess in the background, it was all my fault when I was pushing stuff around for the giant mixing bowl. I did not use sugar even though it is on the counter, it was from coffee made earlier, I was just too lazy to put it away. LOL!

Thursday, February 12, 2009

teachers can be very stupid

Alright, so I'm walking in the hall heading down to the library, to buy dance tickets, at my school, when all of a sudden slip and fall. I slipped on my own pants, they are a little long and I stepped on them just right and boom, and went sailing sideways(to my right). So I get up and continued on my way to the library when this stupid teacher goes and tells me to say sorry. Right, now I'm all confused, so I turn around and give her this questionable look. And she goes and says I hit her when I fell and that I have to say sorry. I say a quick sorry, and get on my way. So now I'm thinking that 
1) I didn't even know that I her and 
2) she never asked if I was okay. 
Can you believe the nerve of her to expect a sorry and not even ask if I was okay. Hmph. what do you think?

Wednesday, January 21, 2009


TODAY IS MY BIRTHDAY!!!!!!!!! just thought i'd let you all know.